GPS DOP Analyzer

25 Apr 2015 by Antonio Vázquez Blanco

This semester I've enrolled in a satellite navigation fundamentals course that required a final assignment in order to pass. With the help of some colleges we coded a Matlab user interface that takes a SEM almanac and plots the dilution of precision in multiple points of the earth surface.

Android fastboot and CWMR porting

14 Mar 2015 by Antonio Vázquez Blanco

I've recently acquired a Huawei Ascend P7 and as any other Android phone, it comes with tons of software, not only from Huawei but also from my telephone provider. I don't know about you, but rooting the phone for removing this software among applying other patches and even testing homemade solutions when no information is available on the internet is something I do quite often. I'm not going to lie, I've bricked more than one device by playing with it and this has taught me to backup before touching.

HackThisSite: Basic 05

05 Mar 2015 by Antonio Vázquez Blanco

I'm happy some friends decided to start with the challenges of HackThisSite after they read some of the posts I've been writing! I think I will continue with this because it is not only a way for me to remember the solutions to some of this challenges but I also think that some of you may want to give them a try. This time we're told that security of the email system has improved. Let's check it.

KiCad libraries

28 Feb 2015 by Antonio Vázquez Blanco

I've recently started working on some circuits with a friend and I would like to share some of the work.

HackThisSite: Basic 04

05 Feb 2015 by Antonio Vázquez Blanco

Basic challenge four is another variation of the same history in the challenge number 3. If you reached this level you should have realised that you have very little information you can play with. This reduces the problem to a simple analisys of the three or four lines of html that you are given.

CyberCamp 2014

09 Dec 2014 by Antonio Vázquez Blanco

This year I was fortunate enought to be able to attend to various talks and activities in the CyberCamp 2014. I really enjoyed people there and I found very rewarding to be able to listen to different opinions of the participants.