Loto24: Some thoughts

14 July 2014 by Antonio Vázquez Blanco

The morning of the 7th of June 2014 I've received a call and someone identified himself as part of a company called Loto24 that were offering big opportunities for gambling with the Bonoloto services. I don't gamble and don't enjoy doing it and when someone calls me with offers like this my usual answer is "just delete me from your phone database and bye". However the man started speaking before me so for some reason I decided to listen for a minute (Well done man, it is not easy to get to this point with me...). He asked me about what was the actual slogan of Bonoloto and he gave me three options. I had no idea so for ending the conversation I picked the one I thought it was less probable to be which as the man said turned to be correct (Maybe he said yes even it was no or even the three of them were right, I just can't tell...). After congratulating me he started to talk about his offer (while I searched in the internet for more information)...

I think I sould clarify that this reflects my opinion and my vision of the things that happened that day.

What I understood:

As part of a very small group of 100 people (I can't remember if it was me+99 or just 99 people) they were offering me the posibility of gambling 40 tickets every week during the month of July for just 60€ (I can't remember if it was 59.99€ or 59.9€ or something similar...). They told me that the value of this tickets was around 1600€ and that if I didn't win anything they would just return my money... So far "too" good... There must be something wrong here... How do they get a cut out of this? Why only 100 people and so much money per person? I know that advertisment can be expensive but, so much money? I need to clarify this so I start asking... But the man keeps pushing the offer until he thinks he sees a reasonable doubt and asks me for personal information in order to formalize the deal but I stop him.

What it turned to be:

After a lot of talking of the man and some research on the internet I started to push things by asking some uncomfortable issues.


I cannot say that this is a fraud or a swindle because I think they stick to the law (I have no knoweldge in this area). But I can say that from my point of view this is rather unethical and tricky because although there might be people wich would like to enjoy this service (not me...) I think that the fair point is not to tell the truth about something when you ask about a detail, but to explain things so there are no doubts and surprises when someone sees a charge of 60€ the following month or when they have to share a 100€ prize between 100people to get 1€ that will allow them to avoid paying you back the month fee. I think that there's a conflict of interest here (they want to win whether you loose or win...) but that risk is up to anyone that wants to take it. The problem is that they don't explain you what the risk is (unless you insist) so that you pick to assume it and that is something that I refuse to be silent at.
I personally think that there's a share of blame in the person who signs the offer (because they must be responsible enought to investigate and to think by their own) but that the major problem here is both the company that tryes to sell the product in that way and the employee wich chooses to do it for his own knowing that may cause trouble and pain to other people by not telling everything. I really hope this kind of attitude changes and I would really like that law changes to protect us from this. I can imagine a law that forces companies to record phone sellings for analisys in case of client complaints...

Other people opinions:

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