HackThisSite: Basic 05

05 March 2015 by Antonio Vázquez Blanco


I'm happy some friends decided to start with the challenges of HackThisSite after they read some of the posts I've been writing! I think I will continue with this because it is not only a way for me to remember the solutions to some of this challenges but I also think that some of you may want to give them a try.

This time we're told that security of the email system has improved. Let's check it.


Nothing new. If you were able to complete the previous task, this should be familiar.


Have a look at challenge number 4...

Have a look at challenge number 4.

Have a look at challenge number 4 :)

Have a look at challenge number 4!


Yes, this can happen... Sometimes we're told that a problem has been fixed but partial fixes can happen... A clear example can be Apple's Shellshock patch that didn't fix the problem completely. I'm sure you could find many other examples!

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