CyberCamp 2014

09 December 2014 by Antonio Vázquez Blanco


This year I was fortunate enought to be able to attend to various talks and activities in the CyberCamp 2014. I really enjoyed people there and I found very rewarding to be able to listen to different opinions of the participants.

This year there was a new space for entrepreneurs to show their ideas and some friends and I decided to participate with a new project we are developing. It was very important for us to be able to be there but there are some things I felt were not very fair.


After arriving at the event we were told that sixteen projects were going to be presented although it was written that only twelve had been selected to be finalists. It turned out that time was enought for everybody to talk about their projects but jurors were exhausted by the time we presented. I really thank them the patience to be there and listen to everyone of us.

It was also clear that there were very strong and developed projects compiting against not so important ones. There were projects with millions in funding compiting against us, a student group trying to publish a mobile application, for a 7000€ prize. I was really impresed by some of the initiatives that in some cases were already funded, in the market and even very profitable but I felt it was not fair to play in the same competition. In my opinion it was a mistake and the poor criteria when preselecting the final groups lead to a boring event for the jurors and investors.

If you accept advice for future editions, please limit the participation in this kind of events in order to promote fair competition and to make it easier for the jury. Given that there were sections for already funded companies and workshops it would have been very nice to clasify projects by the grade of deveolpment in the three different places. I think we would have enjoyed the entrepreneurs workshop while others may have been able to take an advantage interacting with people in the funded companies stands.

Anyway I really enjoyed the competition and the competitors. Thank you for organizing and making it posible for us to participate. I would also like to specially thank people there for their advises and feedback regarding our project and presentation because it helps us improve.

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